Business and TV Commercials:

If you are looking for methods to improve your company image and/or are planning on being in a business convention in the near future, WINGS might be able to give you the tools you need to help you reach a wider range of clients through this quality production service. We can write the script, cast roles, shoot the video, and edit. From initial thought to finished product.

Here is a list of some of the tools we have to available for your business: Increase your business outreach through television commercials.

Formats: Completed video will be delivered on desired media format; BETA SP, Digital BETA, DV, DVCam, Mini-DV or DVC Pro. As a bonus, receive a copy of your project on DVD, FREE! Get a high quality commercial for your company today!

We offer a variety of options for your company. A selection of videos we produce for businesses are:

Training videos / Orientation:

Using video to show new or perspective employees what your company is all about can save you time and the company money. Walt Disney started the use of orientation videos to pre-screen new hire candidates that saved the company billions of dollars in man-hours in hiring the wrong people.

Training new employees on every day repetitive tasks can take a lot of your time, however, showing a video to many people at once can reduce tying up the time of managers or having a designated training person.

Company history videos:

By educating employees on the history of the organization you will create a sense of belonging to the organization, and hence, increase their connectivity to the success of the organization. The employees will feel like they are a part of the greater whole.

Video and other components for special presentations:

Why do the two hour collegiate speech that will put them all to sleep. Let our services WOW them with video that can communicate your message effectively. Video is successfully being used for sales, training, and greater education. Retention occurs at a greater level when information is shown, heard, and then involved:

With the increased use of PowerPoint presentations it makes producing your information even easier than before. Why not increase the interactivity with video?

Safety video:

Employee injury is the greatest expense for companies. Using our services to create a tape showing safe work habits can help reduce the occurrence of employee injury and reducing workers’ compensation. Our staff is educated in the field of communications and the needs of business for such video services.

Video projectors and sound systems:

We rent some excellent tools for conventions and trade shows. Our rental agreement generally includes a person from WINGS to set up the video and sound equipment for our customers.

Video camera crews:

We have video crews available for covering your seminars and demonstrations at conventions or meetings.

Video duplication system:

We can make up from one to two thousand copies on VHS or DVD. We also make the labels and sleeves for them in a variety of styles and colors.

Video transfer department:

We transfer the following images to any of the other images listed:
Video: DVD, VHS, S-VHS, PAL, SCAM, 8mm, beta and 3/4 tape.
Pictures: Photos, slides computer disc images and internet images.
Film: 8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm.

Our New Bedford Studio is where we have produced many of our TV commercials, training tapes, product demos, and promotional videos. The main studio is 16′ x 34′. The studio is also used to videotape “WINGS SPORTS” and some of the other productions we produce.
We have several different settings and backdrops to select from for your production. We also use various mics and digital camera set ups and have from one to eight mics and one to four digital cameras. Two of our cameras are completely remote controlled and can be run from the editors station. We also use the latest computers for our graphics and character generator. Likewise, we have video animation’s library of stock animations for our video productions.
In addition to our main studio we also have an audio room to use for either our video productions or radio shows and commercials. We own a good selection of cd’s and tapes in our music library, which we have purchased the legal rights to use for our music and sound in our audio and video productions. We also have a Yamaha PSR 420 Electronic Keyboard which we use for creating our music and sound effects.
To the best of our knowledge, WINGS is the only video production company that has a video studio in all of the southeastern area of Massachusetts.