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Electronic Chemicals
Product Name CAS NO. Formula Specifications
Potassium dicyanoaurate 13967-50-5 K[Au(CN)2] Content of Au 68.30±0.05%
Potassium dicyanoargentate 506-61-6 K[Ag(CN)2] Purity ≥99.60%
Tetraamminepalladium (II) Chloride 13933-31-8 Pd.(NH3)4.Cl2 Content of Pd 40.5~42.0%
Dichlorodiamminepalladium 14323-43-4 Pd(NH3)2Cl2 Content of Pd ≥49. 0%
Auric sodium sulfite Na3[Au(en)(SO3)2] Liquid Content of Au 49.5~50.5g/L
Solid Content of Au 20.0±0.5g/100g
Auric potassium sulfite K3Au(SO3)2 Liquid Content of Au 49.5~50.5g/L
Solid Content of Au 20.0±0.5g/100g
Potassium gold(III) cyanide 14263-59-3 K[Au(CN)4] Content of Au 50g/L
Gold trichloride 13453-07-1 AuCl3 Content of Au 23.5~23.8%
Silver cyanide 506-64-9 AgCN Purity ≥99.5%
Rhodium(III) sulfate 10489-46-0 Rh2(SO4)3 Content of Rh 4% or 5%
Ruthenium sulfate RuSO4 Content of Ru 50g/100g
Palladium ethylenediamine sulfate Content of Pd   40.0±0.2%
Palladium tertraammonium sulfate Pd(NH3)4SO4 Content of Pd 39.0±0.2%
Decoating agent of gold


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